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  • DTM Flat File Generator  v.3.02.01DTM Flat File Generator is a must have tool for developers who deal with data in text format. It creates test files with regular structure defined by user or imported from existing file. The tool has 25 built-in data generators and value library.
  • FFPOJO - Flat File POJO Parser  v.0.1The FFPOJO Project is a Flat-File Parser, POJO based, library for Java applications. IMPORTANT: the source code of this project was migrated to GitHub: ...
  • Flat File Checker  v. simple to use but powerful tool for flat file validation. FlaFi can find Data Errors in the batch of flat files basing on the schema(XML) that defines business rules. It can be used for data exchange screening and data ...
  • Flat-File Forum  v.1.0Flat-File Forum (FFF) is a project being written in perl to create a forum-like messaging system without the need of a database (using flat, text ...
  • Flat-file SQL  v.1.3.1Flat-file SQL (fSQL) is a set of classes available in PHP that allows users without SQL database servers to select and manipulate flat-file data using SQL queries. fSQL is designed to support as many SQL queries and features as it ...
  • Flat File Digester  v.1.0Java Library providing tools in order to parse flat text files on an Event and Stream oriented way. Provides a flat file equivalency of XML's digester API.
  • Record-Based Flat File JDBC Driver  v.1.0RBFF is a JDBC driver for being able to easily view and execute simple select SQL queries against a record-based flat file (such as EDI files, or other proprietary legacy files) ...
  • Flat File DataBase 2 MySQL DataBase  v.0.02An CGI script that makes converting an flat File DataBase to an MySQL DataBase easyer.
  • Flat File Editor  v.0.1Flat File Editor is useful for viewing large fixed-length files that have a well defined record layout.
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